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In order to connect with a protocol, you need to have at least one account in Miranda. The account represents your ID (login details) for a protocol of your choosing. All core protocols in Miranda 0.8 and later support creating multiple accounts.

Creating an account

Account Manager with three accounts.
  1. Open the Account Manager - Main Menu->Accounts...
  2. Click + to add a new account
  3. Give the account a name and select a protocol. Press OK
  4. Click the newly created account from the list and enter your account details

Upgrading accounts from Miranda 0.7

If you can't see your old accounts in new version of Miranda, you need to upgrade them in the Account Manager. Click the "Upgrade account" button below account list and select the correct protocol in upgrade dialog.


Some 3rd party protocol plugins need the DLL Copy method, where a copy of the protocol plugin is made for every additional account you want to connect to. If you have 2 ICQ accounts, account1 and account2, and want to connect to both of them using an unofficial modified ICQ plugin.

  1. Shutdown Miranda if it's running.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your Miranda installation.
  3. Open the Plugins folder.
  4. Make a copy of ICQ.dll named ICQ2.dll in the Plugins folder.

Optionally, you can rename each copy of the modified ICQ.dll file with a more meaningful name such as ICQ_account1.dll and ICQ_account2.dll