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Protocol support

ICQ, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo protocols support setting your own avatar.

Setting your avatar

The page for setting avatars in your own user details.
  1. Set your status to Online
  2. Configure avatar options Options->Customize->Avatars->Own Avatars (tab)
  3. Click Main Menu->View/Change My Details..."
  4. Click the Avatar item in the list on the left
  1. To configure an avatar for a single protocol, select one from the list
  2. To configure an avatar for all protocols, uncheck "Use per protocol avatars"
  1. Click Set and browse your system to select an image

Enabling avatars for contacts

Navigate to Options->Customize->Avatars->Protocols (tab) and tick the protocols which should display avatars.

Setting default avatars

Default avatars are pictures shown to you when your contacts haven't set avatars themselves.

  1. Navigate to Options->Customize->Avatars->Protocols (tab).
  2. Highlight a protocol to enable the "Set default picture" button (per protocol option).