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Language packs are plain text files that contain translations for strings that are used within a program. They are automatically loaded when placed in the same location as the main Miranda executable with a filename matching langpack_<language>.txt. Currently there are packs for 25 languages available in the localisation section of the file listing.

File structure

The contents of a language file begin with a section containing information about the language pack. Locale IDs can be found on Microsoft's site.

Miranda Language Pack Version 1
Locale: 0809                       
Authors: My Name, The Otherguy
Last-Modified-Using: Miranda IM 8.0 build 16
Plugins-included: Plugins, Are, Listed, Here
; Translations: 4741

Strings then follow, translatable strings within square brackets and the translation below it.

; Comment lines start with a semi-colon.
; This is an example translation for the word "Active".

Translatable strings

Strings for the core are contained in the English language pack, available at

Plugin distributions may also come with a text file (*_translate.txt or langpack_*.txt) containing translatable strings for the plugin.