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If you are using the default SRMM, you are able to edit fonts and colours. You can access these settings in Options->Customize->Fonts->Messaging Log. Alternatively, you could switch to another SRMM.

Scriver is a lightweight tabbed SRMM for people who like Miranda as efficient as possible. It offers easy access to many message log settings such as message grouping.

TabSRMM adds tabs, a vast amount of settings and configurable templates to your message window. It is currently the only skinnable SRMM plugin.

Both Scriver and TabSRMM support IEView for full HTML customisation support in the message log! These plugins have built-in chat.dll, which makes them popular.

Alternatively, for the different look, try out nConvers, which also has many options for message log and window layout.

A very minimal alternative is srmm_mite.

Smiley/Emoticon support

All the message windows support smileys (also known as emoticons) if you install SmileyAdd or Emoticons plugin.