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Plugins architecture

Miranda IM uses a plugin-based architecture. This means that much of the functionality is provided not by the executable but by additional files known as plugins. Plugins can be identified by their .dll suffix (although not every .dll file is a Miranda plugin!) In order for Miranda to connect to MSN, for example, the MSN protocol plugin needs to be present in the plugins subdirectory of the directory to which Miranda IM was installed.

The following plugins are provided the Miranda installer:

  1. Clist_classic - The default contact list
  2. SRMM - The default messaging interface
  3. dbx_mmap - The default database driver. This provides an interface between Miranda IM and your profile.
  4. Core protocol plugins - By default all protocols will be installed.

It is good practice to update plugins by replacing their files when changing from one Miranda version to another. Not doing so may result in unwanted behaviour.

Adding and removing plugins

Adding functionality to Miranda IM is easy: simply add the plugin that corresponds to the function you want to the plugins subdirectory (see "Installing a plugin"). Plugins can be found on the Miranda IM File listing. Similarly, to remove a plugin you can simply remove it from the plugins directory, although you cannot do this if Miranda IM is still running. Alternatively, if you want to disable the plugin without removing it, this can be done from the Plugins tree of the Options menu by unchecking the plugin's checkbox in the plugin list.

Any of these changes require Miranda IM to be restarted before they come into effect.

Using plugins

As Miranda IM's plugins provide a broad spectrum of functionality, a concise guide on how to use plugins would not cover all of the available possibilities. You should instead consult the documentation that accompanies the plugin for information on how to use the plugin correctly. Some plugins may also require supplemental files before working correctly; again, information about this should be sought in the plugin documentation.

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