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Where is my chat history stored?

Chat history (not including group chats) is stored inside your profile database.

Can I export chat history from my profile?

Yes, with the History++ plugin.

Can I stop logging Miranda history?

Yes, with the NoHistory plugin. It can prevent logging of chats, is per-contact configurable, and can clear history per contact.

Can I protect my Miranda with a password?

Yes, there are several plugins available in the "Security and Privacy" and "Database" categories of the file listing.

Can I connect to two accounts on the same network?

Yes, see the multiple account support article.

Why won't my accounts connect on startup?

  1. Your protocol status may be locked
  2. Miranda attempts to restore the status that was set when you exited last. Try exiting while you are Online.

When will the next version be released?

  • Releases from the stable branch are made on a 1-2 month schedule when possible
  • Releases from the trunk are made on a feature and milestone basis, and will be released "when it's ready" TM

Is Linux supported?

Linux is not a natively supported Operating System, but Miranda is known to run well on Linux under Wine. For this the Unicode builds are recommended.

User Notes

--Stardust 11:32, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

  • Tested on Fedora 7, but other distributions should work as well.
  • Runtime performance is the same as on Windows, but startup performance is slower
  • Recompile with winelib to get a native Linux binary for the same startup performance as Windows

Official information for Miranda on Wine

Are there plans for a cross-platform rewrite?


Can I use a webcam?

Our core protocols don't currently support audio or video features. There is nothing technically impossible about supporting these features, and there is open source code out there for at least supporting video under MSN. If you can help with this, we'd love to hear from you.

FAQ Archive

The old FAQ page is archived here.