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Gadu-Gadu is a Polish instant messaging protocol. Gadu-Gadu is a proprietary protocol owned by GG Network S.A. Miranda IM supports Gadu-Gadu through a plugin maintained by the Miranda Core Team.


  • Search/add/delete contacts
  • Export/import contacts to/from server/file
  • Changing own info
  • Ignoring contacts
  • Sending/receiving files
  • Sending/receiving images
  • Custom online/away/dnd/ffc/offline messages
  • Joining/leaving/ignoring conferences (chats)
  • 'Friends only' mode
  • Manual server assign
  • Creating/deleting accounts
  • SSL connections
  • Avatars
  • Showing/blocking links from unknown contacts
  • Typing notifications
  • Multi-Logon (including multiple concurrent login sessions manager)

Not available features

  • Sending SMS messages (available through other plugins though)
  • Telephoning (available through SIP Protocol and Voice Service plugins)
  • Video calls

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