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Account Manager
The interface used to manage the accounts for your profile.
The name given to a package, including or solely consisting of a plugin, that extends, enhances or provides customisations for Miranda.
An official project site,, that provides developers with a place to publish the works they create for Miranda.
A customisable image associated with a protocol and visible to your contacts.
Bug Tracker
An official project site,, that our developers use for tracking feature requests and bug reports.
See Contact List
The primary object that is found on the contact list. These may or may not be a real person depending on the protocol they're associated with.
Contact list
The main user interface and container for contacts, groups and other objects.
The term developers use for main executable, but can also mean the 'officially distributed package' which includes plugins and other files.
See Profile
Database Tool (dbtool)
An executable utility distributed with Miranda designed to find and fix problems with profiles.
A feature enabling a program or dialog to be attached to the edge of your screen. Docked windows use the full length of the edge and can not be moved until they are undocked.
See Smileys
A contact list object that usually contains contacts considered as being related in some way. Groups may also contain other groups.
A key combination which invokes predefined actions.
Main menu
The menu for accessing options and functionality provided by plugins. It can be accessed via the contact list menu bar and system tray context menu.
Miranda IM
Instant messaging-communicator tool.
Network log
A plain text log consisting of everything that happens while Miranda is transferring data to/from servers.
Options window
The interface where all settings (both for Miranda core and plugins) are available.
A small window designed to notify you about events or other information and usually only visible for a few seconds.
A selectable file which adds functionality.
The file where all your settings, contacts and history (not including group chats) are stored.
Profile Manager
The tool for creating and selecting profiles.
Protocols define a set of rules for data representation, signaling etc. Sometimes these are called networks because of their distinct implementations and servers for messaging.
Service mode
A way to run Miranda 0.8.0 with one active plugin when Miranda doesn't start normally.
A non-standard visual style for popups, contact lists and message windows.
Small graphical face, often inserted into instant messages and e-mails, to represent the writer's feeling.
Send/Receive Messaging Module - A type of plugin that provides a messaging user interface.
The state of your protocol(s) at any particular time shown to your contacts. Each protocol implements its own set of statuses.
Status menu
Access menu for changing your global status (every protocol) or individual protocol statuses. It can be accessed via the contact list menu bar and system tray context menu.
A small window that displays information about the object your mouse is hovering over.
An addon that checks for and notifies you of updates to to plugins you have installed.
Version information
Details about the configuration of your computer and Miranda installation. Version information is used for analyzing possible sources of problems.