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ICQ (I Seek You) is an instant messaging client and network launched by Mirabilis in 1996. It was the first instant messenger for Windows and set the template for networks that have been created since. Miranda IM was originally known as Miranda ICQ and was intended as an alternative, lightweight client for connecting to the ICQ network, as it was felt by some that the ICQ client became bloated as extra features were added in later versions.


Miranda IM includes support for ICQ in the official releases; just select ICQ when you install the program. You will be asked to enter your ICQ login details when you first start Miranda IM. If you do not already have an ICQ account you will have the opportunity to create one, and you can also create one at any stage via ICQ's options page.

One thing that sets ICQ apart from the other networks is that rather than using a nickname or e-mail address to log in, users have a number known as a UIN (although this is associated with an e-mail address for purposes such as password retrieval). UINs are assigned upon creation of a new account.


  • If you can't see contacts online, make sure that you have enabled server side contact list in options and the contacts have authorized you.

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