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A network log is a text file containing detailed information about network related events. You may be asked to create one when asking for help on our forums or IRC channel.

Creating a network log

Properly set network log window
  1. Navigate to Main Menu->Options->Network
  2. Click the Logging button, which will open the Netlib Log Options dialog
  3. Tick the File checkbox and enter a path where the network log should be stored

Note: At this point, network data that is produced is being logged to file

Reproducing the issue

  1. Try to reproduce the issue or symptoms you have been having while logging is enabled.
  2. When you have reproduced the issue, return to the NetLib Log Options dialog and untick the File checkbox to stop logging.
    • If the log was requested on the forums or in the bug tracker, you can upload it ("as is" or in zip archive) using the attachment systems.
    • If the file too big or the log was requested elsewhere, follow through the rest of these instructions.
  3. Open the log file with an editor and copy its entire contents.
  4. Open your internet browser and go to or
  5. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the text area and submit it.
  6. Copy the URL that is displayed back to you and paste it into the the IRC channel or forum post.


  • Don't modify the network log, it's important for our developers to analyse a complete log
  • For MSN, start logging before sign-in until the the problem occurs
  • Passwords are not written to the network log.