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Metacontacts are virtual contacts that act as a container for more than one real contacts. Useful when one person is on more than one protocol as it allows them to be grouped together. It also allows you to specify which protocol you prefer to use.


The Metacontacts plugin is required to enable metacontacts. The plugin is installed in the usual manner.


Once the plugin is installed, additional menu items are added to the contact menu for metacontact management. The initial menu items allow a contact to be converted to a metacontact or to be added to an existing metacontact. To create a metacontact with two contacts, convert the first contact to a metacontact and then use the "add" option to add the second contact to it. Existing metacontacts can subsequently be edited via their "Edit metacontact..." contact menu item. This can be used to fine-tune the interactions with the metacontact, or to delete the metacontact if so desired (this does not delete the contacts contained in the metacontact).