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SRMM stands for Send/Receive Messaging Module, and is used to describe any plugin that provides a GUI and functionality used for messaging. It is also the name of the messaging module distributed with Miranda. Only one messaging module can be active in any particular instance of the application.

Available Send/Receive Messaging Modules

  • SRMM - The original SRMM removed from the core in Miranda IM version 0.3.
  • tabSRMM - Modified SRMM, tabbed messaging, IEView support and other features.
  • Scriver - Modified SRMM, tabbed messaging, IEView support, designed to be small and simple.
  • nConvers - 'Different' message dialog, with docking, and customisable message log.
  • Single Mode SRMM - Single mode conversation (separate windows for each message).
  • SRAMM - Slighly modified version of SRMM.
  • SRMM Mod - Modification of SRMM with a lot of added features.

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