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Service mode is a way to run some of Miranda plugins when you're unable to start Miranda due to crashes or unfortunate configuration.

Service mode was introduced in Miranda version 0.8.

Plugins that can be run in service mode:

  • Database Editor++
  • Version Information
  • Crash Dumper

In order to be able to run in service mode a plugin has to support it internally and the file name of the plugin must have svc_ prefix (i.e.: svc_vi.dll).

How to run plugins in service mode

To run a plugin in a service mode you have to:

  1. Download and install a plugin and make sure it has a proper file name (see above).
  2. Go to the Miranda's root folder and while holding the CTRL key doubleclick the miranda32.exe file.
  3. The Profile Manager will show up.
  4. In the My profiles tab select the profile you have troubles with.
  5. At the bottom of the window select a plugin's name you wish to run from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click the Run button.
  7. A window of the plugin should pop up.