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Smileys (Emoticons) are images allowing you to describe your state of mind in messages. The images themselves are not sent via the network, but are instead sent as plain text which the receiving client then replaces with a rendered image. MSN protocol is an exception, and supports custom smileys. These are created by users and are sent with messages. Miranda's MSN plugin implementation supports receiving custom smileys, but not sending them.



SmileyAdd configuration page

Standard plugin installation instructions apply.

SmileyAdd plugin

  1. Download SmileyAdd (ANSI, Unicode)
  2. Options are available in Options->Customize->Smileys

Emoticons plugin

  1. Download Emoticons (ANSI, Unicode)
  2. Extract the emoticons configuration files (.emo extension) to <Miranda>\Plugins\Emoticons.
  3. Options are available in Options->Message Sessions->Emoticons

Emoticon Packs

Emoticons configuration page

SmileyAdd plugin

  1. Download a smiley pack
  2. Extract the smiley pack to <Miranda>\Smileys.
  3. SmileyAdd packs have a .msl, .asl or .xep extension.

Emoticons plugin

  1. Download an emoticon pack.
  2. Extract the emoticon pack to <Miranda>\Customize\Emoticons. An emoticon pack is a folder with the pack name containing usually *.png or *.gif files and a <packname>.mep file.


  • If you don't see smileys in IEView log, you may have wrong kind of files (*.xep or *.dll). You need to download a smiley pack for IEView, where images are kept as individual files.